Jul 18

How does your business rank against your competitors?

By Bob | SEO

Local SEO Strategy for business listing management Are you looking for ways to improve your local SEO strategy and Internet business listings? Our business listings service will manage 50+ directories for your organization. Submit, monitor, manage and remove duplicates and errors! Do you remember the simple days of the phone book? It wasn’t that long […]

Jul 07

How to Manage Multiple WordPress Websites from one Dashboard

By Bob | Training

After you build one WordPress website, you seem to build more and more and get the bug. Before you know it, you have a website management nightmare! Ever wondered…… How do I manage multiple WordPress websites? We faced a similar problem in our business. In 2011 we built a multi-site WordPress server for our smaller […]

Jul 07

iThemes Builder Error 64 class.module.php

By Bob | Training

How to fix iThemes Builder Error 64 class.module.php It’s another Monday morning and I’m checking logs, backups and updates from early Sunday morning. I find three sites this morning with: Error 64 class.module.php or more detailed Error Code: php_code_error:64:/home/yourdomain/public_html/wp-content/themes/Builder/lib/layout-engine/modules/class.module.php:142: Call-time pass-by-reference has been removed I immediately searched and was taken to the iThemes Builder Codex and was […]

Jun 12

MailPoet Best WordPress Newsletter Plugin for your Website

By Bob | Plugins We Use

After years of trying and testing numerous WordPress Newsletter Plugins… WE HAVE FOUND THE WINNER! With over a Million downloads in less than a year, MailPoet will amaze you! See it in action in under a minute with this video The simple to use WordPress newsletter plugin includes features like: Drag and drop newsletter editor […]

Jun 03

WordPress Parallax Scrolling Motion Website Design

By Bob | News

I dare you, say that three times fast 🙂 Parallax Web Design is all the craze right now! With a Parallax Theme you get the feeling of a multi-page and multi-dimensional website on one page. Today we added a complete page and description of Parallax Website Design here

May 05

Extreme Makeover Cyber Edition

By Bob | News

Extreme Makeover Web Edition It’s been over 3 years since we’ve done an extreme makeover of our website but the wait was worth it! Take a moment to visit: http://CyberInnovation.com and look around! Our site is Responsive enabled so you can view it from your smartphone, iPad, tablet or computer. The website will “auto size” […]

Nov 13

Blogging for your business, organization or passions

By Bob | Internet Marketing

Blogging is the best solution for top organic search engine rankings! Blogs that supply great content, get better search engine rankings! Not sure how blogging works or how to apply to your business? Watch this video from the course: Blogging for Your Business Why Blog for business? Shouldn’t the opinions and information about your business […]

Oct 16

Add content to your website from your phone

By Bob | Internet Marketing

With the release of ENv2 you can now add content to your website from your phone! No more technical difficulties with taking a photo or video, then going to your web site, login, create post, upload files, type content and submit. Open the app on your phone, take a photo/video/audio, add some text, click next […]


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