The Best Appointment Scheduling Software and Training Course

We are happy to announce the launch of our online training course: 

How to create a beautiful website using the best appointment scheduling software

best free appointment scheduling software

The course also covers how to set up full email automation and social media integration. We layout your content and keywords for  SEO optimization and content blogging! Step by step you learn to create a complete digital marketing system to grow your business!

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If your business relies on clients booking appointments this course is for you! We will teach you step-by-step on how to set up the best appointment scheduling software. Your clients can book appointments from your website, Facebook page or text them a link! You can offer a single session, packages or gift certificates. You can require full or partial payment when booking and you can even manage group sessions.

Update September 2020: We have moved to vCita Online Appointment Scheduling Software

What a crazy year 2020 has been and with the changes in our world we've changed our Online Appointment Scheduling Software to vCita. There are a lot of great features of Amelia but it's hard to compete with vCita. Their Online Appointment Scheduling Software offers many other features. Read more and contact us here:

Online Appointment Scheduling Software with vCita

Everything is synchronized with your calendar on your phone/computer. If you book an appointment, set up lunch or whatever the system will sync and you won't get double-booked!

The best appointment scheduling software is your online assistant. Working 24/7 to fill your schedule!

Never ask “what time works for you?” again. Clients can view your real-time availability. They self-book their own appointments and even pay online. They can reschedule with a click, and you drop 100% of the hassles!

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The Best Appointment Scheduling Software adapts to any business!

best appointment scheduling software
  • Organize your schedule
  • Control your availability 24hrs a day
  • Collect everything you need to know about a client when they book

The system sends customized confirmations with your business branding, reminders & follow-ups. Delivered via email or text message. and even accept payment and tips via Stripe, Square, and PayPal with the click of a button.

Our class will take you step-by-step from beginning to paid appointment! 

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What good is the best appointment scheduling software if no one can find you?

This is why you need to create a beautiful WordPress website, SEO optimized and secure! For over 20 years, Cyber Innovation has been helping clients worldwide. We started with web hosting and email services. We grew into website design and WordPress experts. As technology evolved we focused on mobile optimization. Social media overtook the world and digital marketing become overwhelming.

Now we are teaching you all we know! We will show you how to create a beautiful WordPress website that's SEO optimized and secure. We'll connect the best appointment booking software, email automation, and social media integration!

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Why it's business-critical to have a WordPress website!

WordPress is the number one web development platform in the world. WordPress is so popular because it can do a "thousand different things." But the problem is also, "it can do a thousand different things" and let me explain.

The base WordPress installation is the core website platform. This is where you create your pages like Home, About, Contact and many more, you have no limits. This is also where you create your blog posts daily, weekly or whenever you can, again there are no limits.

Your pages and posts hold the words indexed by search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This is the first step in people finding your website when they search for your services. Once they see your beautiful website they book an appointment with you!

WordPress is "modular" and there are thousands of plugins that extend the functionality. We'll explain step by step which plugins are important. We'll set up plugins for "behind the scenes" management like security, backups, and maintenance! We'll also add plugins for email subscribers, newsletters, social sharing and more!

WordPress themes determine the look and feel of your website. You have to use a modern theme that is mobile optimized as over 50% of website visitors come from mobile phones!

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We start from the beginning.

  • First, we register and set up a domain name and talk about hosting plans and options.
  • Next, we set up the base WordPress and add the pages and posts to get your website started.
  • Next, we add and configure the best plugins
  • Your theme will help us build beautiful pages.
  • Of course, we integrate the best appointment scheduling software!
  • We also cover email automation, content creation, blogging and more!

It's critical that your website is your central marketing platform! It must connect appointment scheduling software, with an email marketing follow up system. Collect payments at the time of booking. Share your content on your social media platforms.

This is the circle of life for your digital marketing system!

Learn more about Digital Marketing and Appointment Scheduling System for Practitioners at

What is the best appointment booking software?

In our course, we'll talk about the good, better and best solutions. I'll even talk about the best free appointment scheduling software. I'll show you the pros and cons of starting free vs. a paid plan. I'll walk you step by step through the setup and integration with your website!

Why did I create this course?

For over 20 years I've been hosting and creating websites for clients around the world. We also take care of digital marketing, content creation for our clients.

A few years ago I started my journey to becoming an energy healer. I wanted to help others. I'm now a Reiki Holy Fire Master Teacher and Certified Emotion Code practitioner. I help people with Emotion Code Certification at my website

You can learn about me and my energy healing on my WordPress website. Schedule an appointment using my appointment booking software. You can request a free report sent to you by email. I also offer email subscriptions for my blog updates. When clients book appointments, they are added to my "clients list." I can stay in touch, send holiday greetings and announcements! is my "Digitial Marketing System." It contains the words indexed by search engines. I've integrate the best appointment booking software calendar into my website. The system accepts payments, sends reminders and adds clients to my follow up list. I post videos to YouTube that link back to my website to book appointments. I share my content on social media and people visit my website to book apointments.

I've had a number of fellow practitioners ask me to create a similar website for them. They love what I've done but aren't sure where to start. Some have hired me but many practitioners are just getting started. They wanted a more affordable way to get started and they love to learn!

So I've created a step by step course for about a fraction of the cost it would be to hire a developer. You'll learn how to a beautiful appointment scheduling website to grow your business!

Watch my intro video and learn more about the classes at

As a bonus, once you learn how to build WordPress websites. Add appointment calendars and email automation. You may want to open your own business too!

Let me know if you have any questions, I look forward to being your instructor!

best appointment scheduling software
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