Ad Retargeting Increases Sales and Reduces Advertising Costs

Learn how Ad Retargeting will increase your sales

If you're not familiar with the term "Ad Retargeting" think of a time you've been on the Internet and certain ads seem to follow you! Ad Retargeting is when and organizations collects of list of visitors to their website and then they send specific ads and ad copy to that list or “audience.”
Ad Retargeting will increase your click through and conversion rates because they already know your name/brand and you're just inviting the visitors back!
Just like marketing to certain segments or geographic areas, we simply help you create custom audiences and custom ad copy to use in Ad Retargeting.
Some examples of custom audiences are:
  • Website visitors
  • An email list of leads or potential customers
  • Website visitors who visited specific pages and you want to bring them back
  • Visitors who put items in their shopping cart but didn’t check out
  • A “lookalike” audience can be created from your existing customer list!
Ad retargeting focuses on visitors AFTER they have visited your website so the marketing message can become very specific.

Once you’ve identified the “audience” or list, the custom advertising “follows” them as they browse the Internet, Facebook and other social media networks…

Ad Retargeting results in higher click through rates as they already recognize your brand and they are more likely to purchase!

I’ve listed a number of examples below but the ideas and options are limitless!
Learn how we are helping organizations grow using Ad Retargeting!
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Ad Retargeting Website VisitorsFacebook-Ad-Retargeting-Exchange

A few years ago and to this day, most website want you to email subscribe or follow their page or social network. Ad Retargeting is like a “cookie on steroids” that automatically ads your visitors to an audience list. Now you can send specific ad to that list like “Come back to our site… don’t forget to purchase… save an extra X%…”

Organizations spend a lot of time, money and effort to bring visitors to their site but 90% of visitors leave without taking action!

Ad Retargeting will bring back your visitors and increase your conversions!
Learn how we are helping organizations grow using Ad Retargeting!
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Ad Retargeting email lists

We can create multiple ad retargeting audiences using your lead lists! If you have a “potential customer list” or leads from trade shows or other events, we can market to them directly!
An ad Retargeting Lookalike audience is created by using your existing customer list! Your existing customers are analyzed to find similar or “lookalike” audience you can market to!

Ad Retargeting Cart Abandonment

We know it’s frustrating for organizations who have website visitors add items to their cart but leave without taking the final step of purchasing!

How valuable would it be to bring back people who had items in their shopping cart!

It doesn’t have to be a shopping cart either. It can be a page with an offer to download or a contact us page or a white paper.

We can create customer audiences based on “visitors to this page but NOT this page.”

Amazingly Effective with Unlimited Possibilities

Every now and then something revolutionary comes along and that’s Ad Retargeting!
You’ve worked hard to bring visitors to your website using pay per click, social media, blogging and traditional advertising… but you know 90% of visitors leave.
Get creative but specific with ads and offers directed at visitors who already recognize your brand!
Learn how we are helping organizations grow using Ad Retargeting!
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Learn more about Ad Retargeting on Wikipedia


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