Sep 06

13 Elements of a Successful Sales Message

By Bob | Internet Marketing

Every business is selling or promoting something Whether you are for profit or non-profit knowing the elements of a successful sales message is important when creating an email, flyer, presentation, website etc.. Chris Record has put together 13 Elements in this short video. Click the image to watch now! You can join TecAdemics and access […]

Aug 01

How to Add a Printer Friendly Option to Your WordPress Posts

By Bob | News

Do your website visitors need to print pages or posts? If your website has a list of directors or members, customer may want to print the page. Printing website pages can be challenging. Websites are designed to be “responsive” or flex with the size of the device like a smart phone, computer or tablet. Here’s […]

Jul 29

Google Analytics website traffic analysis 101 – The Garage

By Bob | Internet Marketing

For small business owners, Google Analytics is hands-down the best software for understanding how our businesses are performing in digital marketing. The software is robust, feature-rich, and best of all, free of financial cost. The challenge most small business owners — and marketers in many different size businesses — face is that Google Analytics is […]

Jul 27

Local Business On-Demand Deliveries with Shopify

By Bob | Ecommerce

Local businesses can now sell products online and have them delivered locally same day! The days of waiting for online orders to arrive are coming to an end — finally. With Postmates and UberRUSH, Shopify merchants can deliver products to their local customers on-demand. Today a business owner can create an online store, accept payment […]

Jun 05

How Facebook Retargeting increases advertising conversions

By Bob | Facebook Retargeting

Want to know how Facebook Retargeting will increase your website visitors and conversions? Facebook Retargeting is really simple and makes sense once you understand how it works! Whether you love or hate Facebook, you can’t deny the power of it’s marketing platform! No other website worldwide has these kind of visitor statistics! 936 million daily active […]

May 20

Ad Retargeting Increases Sales and Reduces Advertising Costs

By Bob | Retargeting

Learn how Ad Retargeting will increase your sales If you’re not familiar with the term “Ad Retargeting” think of a time you’ve been on the Internet and certain ads seem to follow you! Ad Retargeting is when and organizations collects of list of visitors to their website and then they send specific ads and ad copy to […]

May 11

Bring your website visitors back with Retargeting!

By Bob | Retargeting

Retargeting has changed marketing forever! As a business owner you want to be ahead of your competition and know about solutions that benefit your organization…Retargeting has revolutionized how you will look at marketing! What is Retargeting? Have you ever noticed while browsing the Internet, certain ads keep following you, reminding you to go back and […]

Jul 22 Theme Update: Best Church Websites

By Bob | Client Portfolio Theme Update: Best Church Websites The Southeastern Iowa Synod of the Lutheran ELCA website recently launched with a new WordPress website church theme! They’ve been building an extensive website with 5o plus pages and an active blog for many years! Church and Events – Responsive WordPress Theme After reviewing a number of responsive church […]

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