5 ways to GROW your business fast

“I want it now” seems to be the way of the world today. If you have a question you can Google it. If you missed a TV show or movie you can watch it on your phone. We live in a “right now” society, technology speeds our connection to information.
As a business owner, can you use this to your advantage to grow your business right now or in the next month?
The answer is YES!

Use these 5 ways to grow your business fast!

  1. Build a sales funnel focused on a specific product or service you offer. Sales funnels are one page sites with all the information a visitor needs to take the next step. They may call, email, buy a product, register for a webinar or download a free document you're offering. The goal of a sales funnel is targeted leads to help your business grow!
  2. Purchase specific, targeted ads based on keywords and custom audiences. Use Google, Facebook and social media platforms to advertise your products, services and sales funnel. Local business owners can run targeted, specific ads only in their local geographical area.
    Why spend advertising dollars on traditional advertising?  There's limited ways to track your results and you cannot target your audience!

    Ads direct visitors to your sales funnel landing page, increases conversions and helps to grow your business!

  3. Email marketing is still a very effective to grow your business! We don’t suggest write a long newsletter! Break your content into many emails over time! Give your subscribers special offers and reasons to open their emails! Direct them to your sales funnel to capture the lead and grow your business!
  4. Retargeting Marketing is how ads follow you around after you visit a website. Business owners spend a lot of money to have a website and the marketing to get visitors. It can take 4-7 impressions before your visitors take action! Bring visitors back to your website with retargeting ads and grow your business!
  5. Direct mail open and conversion rates are increasing. I know my postal mailbox if full of print advertising so when I get a letter addressed to me, I’m sure to open it! It's amazing how a letter directing people to a landing page can work!

Marketing solutions reinvented!

Really we aren't sharing any “new” marketing ideas here. Online marketing is simply digital versions of the same marketing you’ve used for years. Instead of direct mail, there’s email. Print, radio and TV ads are being replaced with digital ads.
The Internet has become your phone book, radio and television.

How do I get started?

If you don't work with digital marketing every day, it can be overwhelming. Contact us for a free consultation and proposal. We will look into ways you can grow your business this month and every month after!
We will help you determine your target product or service. Build a sales funnel with a drip campaign follow up and conversion tracking. Next we setup an ad campaign based on your targeted keywords. We then monitor and tweak to obtain the best results.

We watch your business grow! Contact us for a free consultation!


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