Personalized Business Community Portals

Create an online community portal around your business product or brand!

Sell memberships, courses, and build an online community portal. An online community portal enables your followers or customers to connect under your brand. Members can connect and engage with each other on topics within forums and groups. Membership dues pay for the community and turn into profits!

Brand your products and services around a private community portal!

For over 20 years we've been helping organizations with their online marketing. It started with simple websites and so much has changed!

Today, we create branded custom online communities. We combine your website with a social networking platform you own and manage!

A Facebook Alternative

The concept is simple, create a custom online platform like Facebook. Invite people, clients, friends, to like and share. Groups, forums, photos and more! Memberships, online learning, e­commerce store and more!

You get the benefits of a community without the noise, distractions, and ads!

A community portal for any organization
Community Portal Website

Any member-based organization can benefit from a custom member portal to grow their community. Manage memberships, dues, and renewals in your community. Offer free or paid online learning courses. Sell products and merchandise in your online store.

There are so many combinations

You may offer free memberships to the community but have paid courses. OR your membership fees include your online learning? You can offer free limited memberships and upgrade to higher levels? The options are unlimited!

Connect Your People!

Increase community engagement, retention, and gather valuable feedback.

Many tools to build your community

  • Member profiles
  • Social Groups
  • Discussions
  • Member Connections
  • Private Messaging
  • User Invites
  • Notifications
  • Network Search
  • Activity Feeds

Allow your people to learn from each other, increase your brand’s value, and reduce your workload.

You can sell memberships, e­learning courses, products or services with your online platform

Our platform is perfect for

  • Paid Online Courses
  • Paid Memberships
  • Intranets and Extranets
  • Online Schools
  • eBooks Merchandise and more!

Custom Online Communities are for more than business organizations

Our community platforms are great for

  • Non­profit organizations
  • Membership Clubs
  • Church's
  • Cities
  • Communities

How much does an online community cost?

Great question and the simple answer is all based on your community size. As you can suspect there are more time and development costs to build a community rather than a website. Community sites need more server processing and memory. Some organizations with a small number of members can consume a lot of space sharing photos. Other communities can reach thousands with a simple server.

Personalized Business Community Portals 1

Due to these reasons, you won't see a price listed anywhere. Yes, we have plans that start at $95/month and scale as you grow. If you have a large organization, you may need to scale sooner?

Reach out to us today for a free demo and to learn more!

Online Communities can pay for themselves plus profit!

Most organizations have an existing membership base paying annual fees. An online community is generally paid through the revenues generated. As the community scales so do the revenues to grow and expand more!

Create an online community, to sell memberships and courses. With full flexibility and control over your platform.

This is NOT a new idea

I've been working on this idea for over a decade but the technology and people weren't ready!

Ten years ago I saw the rise in popularity of social networking. Everyone was joining for free only to find they were bombarded by ads and distractions. I had the idea to build custom online communities but the software was clunky. People weren't ready for it either!

Today there are over 45,000 organizations using online platforms. The number will 10x in the coming years as more organizations find the power of a custom online community!

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