Bring your website visitors back with Retargeting!

Retargeting has changed marketing forever!

As a business owner, you want to be ahead of your competition and know about solutions that benefit your organization…Retargeting has revolutionized how you will look at marketing!

What is Retargeting? Have you ever noticed while browsing the Internet, certain ads keep following you, reminding you to go back and visit a website or purchase a product or attend a certain event?

That is Retargeting Marketing!

Organizations spend time and money driving visitors to their website, but studies show over 90% of website visitors leave, without taking action. (aka: making a purchase or contact)

It’s also been reported the average person will need to visit a website 2-5 times before taking action!

Retargeting is a simple and effective way to bring back website visitors

By adding a few lines of tracking code to your website, we can help you track/create a list of people who visited your website AND create specific ads only for their eyes.

If you sell products/services, we can help with “shopping cart abandonment” or people who add items to their cart but never check out!

Specific ads can be created for specific products! Only send ads to people who have visited a certain page but never contacted you or downloaded your pdf etc..

Retargeting ideas are endless!

How Retargeting Works

How Retargeting Works


In this example, we demonstrate Facebook Retargeting. A website visitor shows interest in a specific product category but life “gets in the way” and they leave your website.

A cookie was placed on their computer and tracked in a Facebook Custom Audience list.

Now when they visit Facebook they are presented with your Retargeting Ads which bring them back to your website for increased conversions and reduced advertising costs!

Retargeting Platforms

Website visitors can be retargeted via Facebook, AdWords and other display advertising networks worldwide. Cyber Innovation works directly with Facebook, Adwords and the top retargeting companies like Perfect Audience and AdRoll.

We help you find the best retargeting solution for your organization.

Some of our clients use one Retargeting platform, other clients use multiple!

Increased results and reduced advertising costs!

Retargeting allows you to track ONLY website visitors so you know they have some interest in your products/services.

Your Retargeting advertising budget is specifically used ONLY for past website visitors.

The effectiveness and conversions of these ads are increased while costs are reduced!

Amazon has been Retargeting for years because it works!

Cyber Innovation Retargeting Services

Our Retargeting Package is easy to set up and get started!

  1. We create two graphic ads for A/B split testing AND two sets of ad copy
  2. We work with you or your webmaster to add the simple retargeting script and start tracking your visitors
  3. We set up tracking/reporting and work with you to create the best conversion strategy
  4. $100 a month ad spend is included with our retargeting package!

We take care of everything!

Ad creation, website tracking setup, reporting, monitoring, and ad spend!

Click here to learn more about Retargeting services

It’s easy to get started and we can have your retargeting ads running very soon!

No long term contracts, our services just work!

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