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By Bob | Search Engine Optimization

Jul 01

Internet Search Engines have gone local, is your business ready?

How is your business listed? (enter your business information below for a free scan report!)

Today when you search from your computer or smart phone, search engines know your city and location

Search engines favor established local businesses so make sure you listings are complete and accurate!

There are over 200 local directories, mapping services, review websites etc

Google Places, Yelp, Bing, Map Quest, Foursquare and many more!

Many of these service already have your business information but often times it's incorrect

Any business owner or organization that offers products and services to a local community, needs local business listings to compete!

Cyber Innovation can help your business submit, fix and manage YOUR local business listings to over 55 of the top business listing services online! And you'll get monthly reports and you can submit updates, photos, videos at anytime!

Contact us with any questions and enter your information below for your free report
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How does the local business listings service work

We submit YOUR business information to over 50 of the top business listing services

We collect your business information, website, photos, videos and any specials or offers you want to promote.

Your information is placed in our business listings dashboard and managed in one location.

Some business listings are add/updated within 24 hours, others can take up to a week!

Improve your local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

One of the keys to obtaining top search engine rankings is other websites linking to YOUR business website.

If the linking sites are regarded as “high authority” you get more recognition from the search engines!

With our business listings service we submit your information to over 55 directories ALL with back links to your website for better local SEO

Google+, Google Places, Facebook and Twitter Pages

Does your business need additional services to be listed on Google Places or Google+

Or maybe you need a Facebook Business page updated/created or you need help with Twitter.

Our Premium and Ultimate Business listing services include support for your marketing needs.

Contact us for more details and get started with a free business scan

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