How do you rank? Basic concepts for search engine optimization

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Search engines and ranking servicesA question I get a lot is “What are the basic concepts for search engine optimization (SEO)” and/or “how do I get my site to the top of the search engine results page (SERP)?”

The answer is simple but many don't like to hear it, “publishing relevant content, consistently over time, will bring you to the top of the search engine results page.”

But they look puzzled and ask, “what about AdWord, or key word optimization, or back links or pay-per-click advertising or search engine optimization (SEO)” and on and on.

Yes these are all “factors” which help with search engine optimization and help you get to the top of search engine results page, but they are only factors to consider when writing or publishing relevant content

The game has changed

Over the past couple years Google has changed their search engine rules and algorithms to favor relevant content over other factors. Google wants to keep its customers happy, when you search for a particular subject or topic you don't want to click-through to a page full of ads and offers trying to sell you items.

Remember how that used to happen all the time, now it's rare.

Panda and Penguin updates

There have been numerous updates the past couple years but most revolve around the “Panda” and “Penguin” updates. The focus was to reward good and relevant content sites over sites that would “trick” or create erroneous back links and cross links to appear important and get high rankings!

SEO should come naturally from your content

Yes you'll want to think about and maybe do some research and/or hire a consultant to find your top 5-10 keyword or keyword phrases but once you know what they are, use them in your content… but don't overdo it!

Write naturally, Google can see if you are over doing it and over using your keywords too much. It's ok to repeat your keywords and phrases in your content, but don't make it obvious. IF you over do it, you can actually be penalized in the search engine page rankings!

Not a great writer? Don't worry there are tools

When people understand there's no “magic or secret” way to get to the top of the SERP, they sometimes will explain they aren't good at writing. Don't worry there are some great tools to help!

WordPress plugins for grammar and spell check

WordPress is by far the number one platform for writing content and blogging. It's very much like using a word processor with buttons for bold, italics, underline and many others.

By default there's a spell check button but you can also add a grammar check through JetPack a plugin from WordPress.

Components of search engine results pageShort articles and paragraphs is all it takes!

Don't think you have to write a thesis or a book every time you build a page or post on your site. In today's world people are so bombarded with content, they hardly read an entire article. If you have made it this far I congratulate you!

Simply create relevant content based articles, to the point, in the 300 to 500 word range. Add some photos and links to external sites and you are good  to go!

Consistency over time is the “secret”

If you were waiting for the “secret”… it's writing short, relevant content articles, CONSISTENTLY over time.

Think if you were a search engine bot that visited your site once a day or week and saw the same thing over and over.

Now you start writing consistently and the bot reports you are a growing site. After 30 days or so of consistent content you get a higher ranking and the bot comes back daily and over more time you go higher and higher in the rankings.

This is the secret to top search engine results page ranking!

What's next?

When you get to the top of the SERP and you site traffic increases, do you have the correct offer, are you collecting email subscribers, are you increasing your social media followers …..

ARE YOU SELLING your products and services?

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