How to Manage Multiple WordPress Websites from one Dashboard

By Bob | Training

Jul 07

After you build one WordPress website, you seem to build more and more and get the bug. Before you know it, you have a website management nightmare!

Ever wondered……InfiniteWP_-_Manage_Multiple_WordPress_Sites

How do I manage multiple WordPress websites?

We faced a similar problem in our business. In 2011 we built a multi-site WordPress server for our smaller web hosting clients who wanted all the power and flexibility but without the cost.

The “cost” being our time for management and monthly maintenance, theme updates, plugin updates etc..

The idea was hundreds or thousands of WordPress sites on one server, easy to update and easy to manage.

It worked great to a point, but many of our clients came to us already with hosting in place!

Simple shared web hosting is cheap! Some of our clients were with Hostgator, Bluehost, GoDaddy and many others.

Our preferred hosting is with WPEngine but ALL of these websites needed to be managed in one central location or one dashboard.

So what do you do with all the different hosting options?

We chose InfiniteWP!infinitewp-admin-manage-multiple-WordPress-Websites

InfiniteWP is a free, self-hosted multiple WordPress management platform that simplifies your WordPress management tasks into a simple click of a button.

Infinite WP allow us to manage multiple WordPress sites free from one dashboard!


  • One Master Login
  • One-click updates
  • Instant Backup & Restore
  • Manage Plugins & Themes

Expand and add more features


allow you to expand and add more services to your WordPress Dashboard Admin

Backup, broken link checker, Malware scans, file uploader, copy/cloning sites, backup local and remote…..

The list goes on and on

Client Branding Plugin

This addon allowed us to brand the plugin with our logo and company information.

Later we opted to “hide” the plugin to avoid any chance a client delete the plugin!

How it all works?

Simply install the InfiniteWP plugin from the WordPress plugin repository.

After you activate you'll be given an API code and login information.

Now login to your InfiniteWP Admin Dashboard and click Add Site in the lower left corner.

You can add your websites to groups like “Clients, Personal Sites, Weekly Maintenance, Monthly Maintenance etc..

Finally login to your dashboard, give the system time to refresh and here you can update all your plugins, themes and core WordPress Updates.

Client Reporting

We've setup client reporting and every month on the 15th a report is sent detailing how many plugins were updated, backups completed, malware scans and even Google Analytics reports!

The Time Savings outweighs the cost!

The list goes on and on and we love InfiniteWP! It's saved us countless hours and we are always eager to invest in a great solution that improves our bottom line while offering a better service to our clients!

Download your free copy here: 


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