iThemes Builder Error 64 class.module.php

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Jul 07

How to fix iThemes Builder Error 64 class.module.php

It's another Monday morning and I'm checking logs, backups and updates from early Sunday morning.

I find three sites this morning with: Error 64 class.module.php or more detailed

Error Code: php_code_error:64:/home/yourdomain/public_html/wp-content/themes/Builder/lib/layout-engine/modules/class.module.php:142: Call-time pass-by-reference has been removed

I immediately searched and was taken to the iThemes Builder Codex and was first tipped off to the problem here:

And the reference:

Update existing code

Replace all instances of &$ with $ in all the Builder theme and Builder plugin (Builder Stylemanager and Builder SEO) php files. Make a backup of the theme and plugin files before you do.

When I first read that I didn't want to spend a lot of time “hunting and pecking” to find and replace code so I also searched the forums and there wasn't a definitive answer.

So I opened Coda to FTP to the site and edit the class.module.php file

Get your copy from the Mac App Store here: Coda 2 – Panic, Inc.

After I logged into the website I dug down to open /class.module.php

First I made a backup of the file by holding the Option key and click dragging the file to the same folder and a copy was created.

Next I clicked CMD-F to open the find and replace box

Next I put “&$” in the left box and “$” in the right box (without the quotes) and clicked Replace all


Command-S to save the file and I tested the site again.

It worked!

The issue was the hosting company updated the version of PHP that didn't support the theme version.

Updating Builder Theme

The next step was to update the Builder Theme and Builder Style Manager and Builder SEO IF you are using these plugins.

NOTE: Update the plugins before the Builder theme or you could create more problems

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