Audio & Video Integrations

Audio & Video Integrations

YouTube has changed the world of video!

Today you can record a video from your mobile phone, camcorder or even screen record on your computer.

You can edit and upload a video in a matter of minutes and integrate quickly within your website.

Next send an update to your followers and have it sent out to your social networks!

You Tube, Vimeo, Viddler and more!

There are a number of video hosting choices!

Free video hosting is general surrounded by ads and marketing.

For a few dollars a month you have have a premium video hosting site without the ads!

Don't try to host your videos!

Videos take up a lot of space and bandwidth! If you upload videos to your website you'll run out of space or your hosting charges will increase!

Performance will also suffer as your single website cannot compare with the multiple websites by the major video hosting companies.

Private Video Hosting Solutions

If you have “members only” videos or a product/service you sell by video, there are also a number of private hosting to stop visitors from taking and re-distributing your videos.

Amazon is a common solution for private video hosting, combined with certain WordPress membership plugins and you'll have a safe, secure solution!

We can help your organizations with videos for training, marketing, sermons and more!

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