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As you already know, we are living in an increasing technology & mobile mobile_app_1_xmldriven world.

Look around, chances are you’ll notice 9 out of 10 people head first in their smartphone or tablet, right?

In fact, in 2011, mobile website traffic made up only 8% of all website visitors.

Today it's mobile traffic is over 50%

Think about that…. 4-5 out of 10 potential new customers for your business are mobile

Is your marketing plan mobile enabled? How about your website?

What would it mean to lose those customers?

Much of the decision to choose your business will be made in seconds, and a sloppy or non-mobile optimized site can literally make or break your business.

Here’s the deal… tablets and smart phones are taking over and your potential customers are more likely to find your website from a mobile device.

At Cyber Innovation, we understand the trends and needs for mobile, optimized websites. That’s why every mobile website that we develop follows our overarching mantra.


Your new mobile website will highlight the best parts of your business, and make it easy for your potential customer to reach out…


Also, your mobile site won’t break the bank or take long to complete.

At Cyber Innovation we’ll design several mobile websites- you pick your favorite.

But wait, there’s more!

A mobile optimized website, sometimes called “responsive” website, is only half the game when it comes to mobile marketing.

Let’s play a game.

What percentage of all social traffic (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) is accessed through mobile?

A. 23%

B. 35%

C. 61%

If you chose D.none of the above, you’d be right.

Because by the time you read this, that number will have gone up to over 61%.

What does that mean for your business?

Social media, as it relates to mobile marketing is as of now, your best friend.

A client once asked us, “Why should I use social media or mobile marketing for my business?”

Our answer was simple…


When you choose Cyber Innovation, your website will literally become a customer-getting, money making, business-exploding machine (Boom).


Ready to go?

Let’s do this.

Reach out today and we’ll make it happen.

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