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Jun 12

MailPoet Best WordPress Newsletter Plugin for your Website

By Bob | Plugins We Use

After years of trying and testing numerous WordPress Newsletter Plugins… WE HAVE FOUND THE WINNER! With over a Million downloads in less than a year, MailPoet will amaze you! See it in action in under a minute with this video The simple to use WordPress newsletter plugin includes features like: Drag and drop newsletter editor […]

Apr 02

Adding Photos to the Grand FIAGallery Plugin

By Karen | Plugins We Use

Once the FIAGallery is installed, adding photos and images is very easy. NOTE: To add the FIAGallery, please refer to for Grand FIAGallery Go to the DASHBOARD and under FIA Gallery on the left hand side, click on MANAGE GALLERIES  From this page, you can CREATE A GALLERY or UPLOAD IMAGES       […]

Feb 11

First Presbyterian Church: Best Church Websites

By Karen | Client Portfolio First Presbyterian Church in Marion, IA has been established for over 17o years. Rev. Dr. Howard Chapman has been the pastor since 1994. Rev. Beth Hilkerbaumer joined as associate pastor in 2011 and Rev. Dr. Nancy J. Redman joined as parish associate in 2010 First Presbyterian Church houses The Churches of Marion Pantry, begun […]

Mar 01

Do you have a backup copy of your website?

By Bob | Plugins We Use

For some this may sound like a silly question, for others it’s a wake up call! Today it’s pretty common for business owners to back up their servers and computers. More and more computers at home are being backed up but it’s rare that we see new clients who have a complete backup of their […]

Feb 21

Adding polls to your WordPress website

By Bob | Plugins We Use

More and more we are getting requests from our clients asking how they can add polls to their website. If you want to give your visitors the ability to vote on your content, ask a question or get their feedback, you can do this with polls. Below are more details and reading, if you prefer […]

Nov 09

Lutheran Church of the Resurrection: Best Church Websites

By Bob | Client Portfolio I really enjoyed developing this website solution for a local #church in Marion, IA. If there was ever a perfect fit for WordPress, a church comes very close. You have diverse congregation of people, the church staff and volunteer committees and groups inside the church. All of them share the need to communicate to […]

Aug 17

Managing email subscribers in

By Bob | Plugins We Use

A default install of includes a blogging engine whereby the authors can post updates, news etc.. But by default the blog followers can only get these updates via an RSS feed not email???? Some of you may be asking already what is RSS and what is a “feed” and another day I’ll talk in […]