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Oct 11
work from the beach

work from the beachWork anytime from anywhere

If you have:

  • a background in sales & marketing
  • basic technical skills (are you proficient with Facebook)
  • a desire to succeed

We want to talk to you!

We are looking for people eager to learn Internet marketing, web services and more.

Work anytime from anywhere!

This is part-time when it fits YOUR schedule!

The Internet is a big market so opportunity is unlimited!

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Bloomberg BusinessWeek just ran an article about people like me:

While you’re Dilberting away in your cubicle, there are people taking conference calls in board shorts and flip-flops. While you’re saving your two weeks of vacation to hit the sand, they’re getting paid to be there. There are people—even respectable people—who have somehow turned a folding chair into a place of work.

Aided by technology, pioneers are now converting the beach into a fully functional office. People who work from the beach in non-hotel, non-burger-stand, non-pot-dealer capacities are still rare enough that no agency tracks the phenomenon. Brooks Brothers does not yet make a three-piece bathing suit; Herman Miller doesn’t sell an Aeron chaise.

It’s not like these beach workers are slackers; they just don’t like being controlled. It’s the same reason why we TiVo shows or e-mail and text more than call. When you can work from wherever you want to be—especially if it’s the place where everyone wants to be—work isn’t so bad.

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