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Mar 20



This website was customized for a and there are numerous options available here!

Below is a site description but be sure to click on the tab Property Search and Contact Me. These pages pull from the Local system at your board of !

You can take this to the next level for completed IDX integration go to http://www.IDXForRealtors.com and learn more!

We've also integrated email newsletter management so visitors can register for email updates and every time a post is published to the blog they get an email notice!

PLUS you can make your blog automatically post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more!

The header is customizable but we used a basic header with default text.

The search box is a default with this theme

Next is the links bar and this site supports child links or what others may call sub pages. You can “nest” multiple pages below a top page.

Next the images rotate on a timed basis. These can be pictures of residential or commercial or people or ??

The top center area is static text but does support HTML. This could be an area to add the ‘s photo!

On the right is a tabbed boxes for different categories of blog posts. So when you post to your blog you pick the category and that's how they post here.

In the lower middle area you have three columns to add your content, links, email registration, categories, tags and more! The far right column also has email registration and links to other websites.

Please contact us if you have any questions or custom ideas for your real estate site. We can build a site for an agent or and soon we'll release a commercial real estate site!

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I'm a life long entrepreneur and WordPress guru with a passion for travel, real estate and beach living! Dad, husband and lover of life!

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