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In 2002 our company sold the web and email hosting portion of Cyber Innovation and I started focusing more time on business and real estate investments. We continued to design and develop websites, but we no longer managed the servers and associated technical support!

By 2006 we acquired a number of properties and I decided to get licensed as a Realtor in Iowa. As you may imagine my love is Commercial Investment Real Estate primarily apartments, mini-storage and NNN investments. There’s no better place to invest for the future than real estate!

To this day, Cyber Innovation continues work with Realtors and builders to design and develop WordPress websites. Not only can we develop advanced, dynamic and beautiful real estate sites we can also integrate IDX feeds into your website! If you are not familiar with IDX, basically we integrate all the local IDX shared listings from your local board of Realtors on your website! All listings, lead capture and client follow-up for $29.95 a month!

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Although I was now immersed in real estate I never left technology behind and to this day manage a number of websites for my real estate business. My personal real estate site is

In 2007 I established a partnership with Mike Shaffer and Bob Wilkes to specialize in multifamily apartment investments and we started

As I’ve worked and watched the real estate industry and technology come together we are at a very exciting time! Realtors are primarily self-employed business people. Their broker or company has a big generally very expensive website where each Realtor is listed with their contact information and their property listings. This is great exposure for agents but those who get to the top of the search engines, have their own websites!

There are numerous solutions out there for Realtors, some are free, some are inexpensive and some can be very expensive. You have to first ask yourself as a Realtor what’s more important,

  1. Being found on the Internet search engines by people you’ve never met before.
  2. Or promoting your website to people you know and meet.
  3. Or both?

To get found on the Internet search engines you need an extensive website with content being updated on a regular basis. The best way to do that today is via Blogging with connections to Social Networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

We can talk to you one on one and explain the entire road map to being successful as a Realtor on the Internet.

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